Seven Stairs Canyon

sapte scari copyStyle : One day hike

Location: Piatra Mare Mountains

Itinerary: Bucharest – Timisul de Jos – 7 Stairs Canyon – Piatra Mare Hut- Timisul de Jos – Bucharest

Difficulty : medium -difficult

Duration: 8 hours

Physical Requirements: Regular exercise and strong health

Transport: minibus or train

Customize: yes

Highlights : The 7 Stairs Canyon, Piatra Mare Hut, Famous Trail.

Short description: The 7 Stairs Canyon  is a breathtaking attraction in Romania, near medieval town Brasov. The trip to the 7 Stairs Canyon can be done in one day and it’s a remarkable experience for brave tourists. The stairs are really close to the waterfalls so in hot days it is very refreshing to climb the stairs with water splashing on you. While we are in Piatra Mare Mountains we will not stop our visit here and will continue hiking through deep forest until the Piatra Mare Hut (1628 m) where will take our lunch and a well deserved rest. On our way back will choose a different trail  named the “Bear Gap” or   “Familiar Road” depending on the physical shape of participants.

Climbing the  7 Stairs Canyon will make your day !

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