The Hidden Side of Bucharest

The hidden side of Bucharest

Have you already visited the Highlights of Bucharest and the Historic Center? Now it’s time for the Hidden Side of Bucharest.

That means you will see Bucharest through the eyes of someone who was born, grew up and lives here. This is a behind the scenes tour designed for the curious traveler who wants to see the city from the perspective of the locals. This is a tour for those who wish to see the less conventional view of the city, rather than the standard tourist attractions. You will see the neighborhoods, the markets, the workplaces, the locals’s favorites and the secret spots. You will learn about the everyday life of the residents of Bucharest; about the good and the bad and about the standard of living and the way of life for the residents of Bucharest. This tour includes your guide’s favorite places and concludes, after a traditional Romanian lunch or dinner, with a special surprise. At the end of the tour, you will be able to say, “On my visit to Bucharest, I walked in the shoes of a local resident.”

An in depth exploration of the city on foot!

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