about us


Romanian Guide provides local tour guides in Bucharest and Surroundings for individuals, private groups or travelers, for those who want to try unique things, experience the reality of a place, having a sense of adventure, are socially conscious and want to see their travel spending directly benefit the people who live in the communities they visit.

We offer a variety of tours, including unusual tours that reflect differing interests, extraordinary cultural, biking and hiking adventures, through cities and wild landscapes.

We are a young entrepreneurial team, independent contractors, not employees. For us being a tour guide, it’s a chance to meet new people, make friends, live new and beautiful experiences. It is also a way to help the others to discover new places and have fun. We are passionate and happy to share the beauty of our country.

We do not provide generic tours. We do not work to a script or follow a specific ‘route’. We work to the needs and desires of our clients to provide a flexible and interesting itinerary to show you what you are most interested in as well as some things you may not even know exist. The tour itineraries listed on the site are simply suggestions, we can mix and match as you like depending on your level of interest and time constraints.

We normally use a combination of walking and public transportation to explore Bucharest and Wild Carpathia, but for those who prefer active holidays we organize biking and hiking tours.

We believe that traveling makes people friendly, open minded and happy.

Of course we have our own tours we like most and we will always recommend them to anybody. We have our favorite tours in Bucharest, our favorite places in Romania. Want to see which ones?